Build and Publish Doxygen Documentation from Github Repository

As a developer of pyclustering library that is stored in GitHub repository I have a desire to keep “up-to-date” API documentation for users. Source code of the mentioned library is self-documented and doxygen-style is used to build documentation. But the question where it can be published?

There is popular service “Read the Docs” that using webhook to build and publish documentation when code is pushed to repository. But, unfortunately this service does not support doxygen (at least now – 10 Jul. 2017) and it does not suite to me. Of course there are some mediators which can be used to publish documentation to “Read the Docs”, but for me it is much preferable to avoid usage of third-parties.

After some I have found another similar service – “Code Docs” that is not so popular as well as “Read the Docs”, but it totally covers my needs and support doxygen-style.

Figure 1. Web-interface of “Code Docs” service that builds and publishes documentation.

It is enough to create file .codedocs in root folder of your repository to use this service where path to doxygen settings is placed:

DOXYFILE = docs/doxygen_conf_pyclustering
Figure 2. Place .codedocs in root folder of repository.

That is all! Here you can find example of built and published documentation of pyclustering library.